Kudos to Linda

It's sorta kind of a hot-dog-cool-cat deal when a recipient of one of our appeals sent by Alameda County Community Food Bank mentions the effectiveness of it on their blog. I know I walked around here a little taller (as tall as an all four walker can be, I suppose) last week when I received the email notifying us of this little nugget of goodness.

From the designer (Linda) of the package: "When designing this campaign I just pictured myself receiving the direct mail piece. What was it going to take to get me to read the copy and connect to the cause.  I’m a visual person, so getting me to read the copy of a direct mail piece is pretty tough.  I wanted to make sure that they took a moment and really looked at the picture. Who would say no to face like that?!"

Read the Kudos here.


  1. Nice work, Linda! Who could say no to copy like that?


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