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To You and Yours...

Front Row:(l to r) Steve, Laura
Middle Row:(l to r) Erin, Heather, Dana, Leah, Danelle, Alphie
Back Row:(l to r) Mike, Connie, Linda, Beth, Kevin, Ann, Lezlie, Jerry, Emily
Not Pictured: Shelley

Alpha Dog Marketing wishes you and yours a wonderful
pawliday season and a healthy and prospurrous new year!

Kudos to Linda

It's sorta kind of a hot-dog-cool-cat deal when a recipient of one of our appeals sent by Alameda County Community Food Bank mentions the effectiveness of it on their blog. I know I walked around here a little taller (as tall as an all four walker can be, I suppose) last week when I received the email notifying us of this little nugget of goodness.

From the designer (Linda) of the package:"When designing this campaign I just pictured myself receiving the direct mail piece. What was it going to take to get me to read the copy and connect to the cause.  I’m a visual person, so getting me to read the copy of a direct mail piece is pretty tough.  I wanted to make sure that they took a moment and really looked at the picture. Who would say no to face like that?!"

Read the Kudos here.