Litter leader or last?

With the holidays approaching like the speed of light (wha? Thanksgiving is tomorrow?) I start to think about family...even more than I normally do. I am part of quite a litter. I am one of five, and really, wouldn't want it any other way. It's always fun to go back to the farm and be able to roam free and investigate all the new places to run and jump. We always get fed so good when we go back too. Our favorite treats are usually in abundance.

Whenever the whole clan finds themselves in our childhood doghouse, we all quickly revert back to our young pup mannerisms and characteristics. the eldest, the middles and the youngsters. the bossy, the mediators, the chilled and relaxed. Do you ever wonder if your birth order in your particular litter plays a role in how you role? I am pretty sure it does.

It's said that the eldest in the family is usually well-organized, serious, goal-oriented, achievers, and believers in authority. Can be critical, scholarly, and self-sacrificing. Boy oh boy, did that just describe the oldest dog in our house.

And my sister and me? We would probably be considered the middle canines of the bunch. The middles can be described as mediators, mentally tough and independent. They think outside the box, are loyal, realistic and bullheaded and stubborn. Right on. Except maybe the bullheaded part. No-way-no-how. I mean it. Believe it.

The two youngest, are just that. The youngest. The babies. Spoiled, and lovin it. But, I suppose I contributed to the spoiling, so who am I to complain...I threw them a bone every now and then just like everyone did.  One article I found said youngsters are outgoing charmers, affectionate, uncomplicated and go through life with a carefree attitude.

The farm doghouse will be full for a day or two this weekend, and despite our age, I am sure we will all turn into a young litter once again. Some acting like 'mutts' the whole time, some pure bred well mannered show-stoppers. And some of us (me) will be somewhere in between.

Have a tail-waggin Thanksgiving and a purrific weekend,


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