Hey, I’m a social dog….right?!

Holy hot dogs, I keep hearing all these terms like Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Digg, LinkedIn and more. What are all these things? I know the little birds Twitter when I chase them, I think Four Square is that game the kids in the neighborhood play until I run in and chase their ball, I REALLY like to Digg in the yard and I feel LinkedIn when I get walked with the neighborhood dogs on one of those group dog leashes…but I don’t think that’s what everyone’s talking about.

I finally had a chance to Digg a little deeper into this social media thing, and I found some pretty interesting stuff. There are hundreds (maybe even thousands!) of social media sites that are available for use. Some of our clients use a few social media platforms to communicate with their donors and key community members. Even though it’s worked great for a few of our clients, there are a few things they had to think of before diving into social media:

Do some research: Learn what’s out there, see what other organizations are doing and learn what the popular social media platforms are.
Set some goals: Do any of the social media platforms fit in with your communications and marketing goals? How do you want to use these to spread the word about your organization?
Make a plan: Outline what you want to do, how you want to do it and (most importantly) WHO is going to do it.
Follow through: This is probably the most important step. There’s nothing worse than a poorly-updated blog, a Facebook page with no posts or a Twitter account with no Tweets. And it’s easy to let things move to the back burner when you’re busy (especially during the holiday season). But make sure you keep your social media outlets active. People want to know what your organization is doing! Make sure you keep them in the know.
Re-evaluate: Set a certain time frame, then re-visit your social media goals and plan. Are they doing what you wanted them to? Is there something that should be deleted? Added? Be honest!

There is so much that can be said about social media, and I’m sure I’ll learn more as I go along…but this was more than enough to fill up my brain for the day! I’m going to go chase my tail for a little bit. Adios!


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