Dash? No Dash?

How often do you check your inbox in one day? 4? 40? Yeah right! Maybe a "ruff" guess for my friends around Alpha Dog is more like "fur" hundred! Our inbox is one of the key elements in connecting with our clients.

Just this week, there was a discussion about how to correctly write the word that derived from electronic mail....you know what I'm talking about...email! Or is it e-mail? or E-mail or how about Email?

Some tidbits to chew on while chewing on a chew toy:
  • If you are using "email" on forms along with "phone" and "fax" and "web" it would look most like the others with no dash.
  • If you are using "e-mail" along with other "online and social media" terms, you may want to use the dash, so when it comes to e-commerce and e-environment, you can easily distinguish it from a misspelling (doesn eenvironment look kind of funny?)
  • When using email or e-mail, there's no reason to capitalize it, it's derived from "electronic mail," which is a common noun. (Unless, of course, it's at the beginning of a sentence).
Whatever you/your business decides to do, put a bit of thought into it, and then go with it! Now, I am off to snuggle up to my favorite t-shirt and chew on a t-bone.

(now go check your email, you know you want to)


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