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Halloween, the Alpha Dog way

L to R: Leah (CMYK), Dana (Pantone Color Swatches), Linda (RGB), Erin (Cowgirl -quasi Kalamity Kate), Beth (Mardi Gras Attendee), Adam (Dr. House)
Dear Friends, A few of the crew at Alpha Dog decided to dress up today in honor of Halloween. The three on the left are the creative department. They sorta look like a bag of skittles to me, but hey, if they want to call themselves CMYK, Pantone, and RGB, who am I to bark at them. They think they are so clever with these "print and web" related costumes! Erin was cowgirlin it up in her country gear, even down to the over sized freckles on her cheeks! Mike thought she looked like Klamity Kate, a local Nebraska celebrity. Most of us just looked blankly at him when he said was sorta kinda before most of us were old enough to remember that sort of stuff. Beth came as a Mardi Gras attendee, but when she put her mask on backwards mid morning, she transformed into a traditional Native American with feathers in her headdress. And…

Sight for sleepy eyes

Liam, a 4 legged friend of mine was heading out for his morning walk and bam! this is what greeted them! Sometimes it pays to get up with the sun. I hear Liam wakes her up e.v.e.r.y. morning by jumping up on her bed. That's a totally fun way to start the day, right? Right?! Right.
P.S. Thanks for the photo, Linda!

Dash? No Dash?

How often do you check your inbox in one day? 4? 40? Yeah right! Maybe a "ruff" guess for my friends around Alpha Dog is more like "fur" hundred! Our inbox is one of the key elements in connecting with our clients.

Just this week, there was a discussion about how to correctly write the word that derived from electronic know what I'm talking! Or is it e-mail? or E-mail or how about Email?

Some tidbits to chew on while chewing on a chew toy:
If you are using "email" on forms along with "phone" and "fax" and "web" it would look most like the others with no dash.If you are using "e-mail" along with other "online and social media" terms, you may want to use the dash, so when it comes to e-commerce and e-environment, you can easily distinguish it from a misspelling (doesn eenvironment look kind of funny?)When using email or e-mail, there's no reason to capitalize it, it's deriv…

Hey, I’m a social dog….right?!

Holy hot dogs, I keep hearing all these terms like Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Digg, LinkedIn and more. What are all these things? I know the little birds Twitter when I chase them, I think Four Square is that game the kids in the neighborhood play until I run in and chase their ball, I REALLY like to Digg in the yard and I feel LinkedIn when I get walked with the neighborhood dogs on one of those group dog leashes…but I don’t think that’s what everyone’s talking about.

I finally had a chance to Digg a little deeper into this social media thing, and I found some pretty interesting stuff. There are hundreds (maybe even thousands!) of social media sites that are available for use. Some of our clients use a few social media platforms to communicate with their donors and key community members. Even though it’s worked great for a few of our clients, there are a few things they had to think of before diving into social media:

Do some research: Learn what’s out there, see what other organ…