De-Stress - Wind Down, The Alphie Way

When my owners drink their coffee and watch the news in the morning, I like to sit and watch TV with them. I saw this program on CNN (who took their information from about how to de-stress in five minutes or less. I thought it might provide some great advice, given that the holidays are coming up. I put my own little spin on some of these:

Lighten Up:
When the body absorbs sunlight, it enhances the effect of mood-stabilizing chemicals like serotonin. During the summer time, I like to play out in the yard as much as possible. (But you humans need to make sure you’re still putting on lots of sunscreen!) And during the winter months, when it’s too cold to go outside (other than to go potty) I like to lay in the sun patches next to the windows in the house.

Take A Virtual Vacation:
Close your eyes and visualize you’re in a wonderful, relaxing place. I like to think that I’m in the park and my owner is scratching my tummy.

 Or jump rope. Or get some exercise. Chase your tail. Go grab a ball and play fetch. For you humans, at least 20 minutes of jumping rope will release endorphins. Plus, the repetitive motion will help you focus.

Breathe Deeply:
 Step back and take a deep, cleansing breath. I do this to my owners when they’re trying to call me and I just stare at them. They think I’m being naughty, but in fact, I’m taking a nice, cleansing breath.

Laugh: Laughter will help you get through almost anything! In fact, in you humans, laughter lowers your levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. So go ahead…laugh!

I don't recommend trying these all at once. I encouraged my feline friend to try it once, and it wasn't purrrrty...especially the closing your eyes/jumping part!

{no felines were hurt in this fun}


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