Tiny Makes a Big Impact

Are you tweeting? Are you blogging? Are you facebooking? Are you what-ever-is-coming-nexting? If you like to link your readers/followers/friends to places all over the internet, you are used to copy and pasting links, right? But whoa there, some of those web addresses are super duper long...what do you do then? Sure, you can copy that whole address as your link, but ugh! All those letters and numbers in a long continuous string just doesn't do anything for the feel of your post. And what about twitter? Having 140 characters to use is usually fine, but with a really long link, you won't get said what you want to say.

Tinyurl.com is there for you. Such a great name too. So...so...so self explanatory! This site...you guessed it, makes tiny urls (web addresses) for you to use wherever you deem necessary.
Just copy the super duper long url address and paste it in the box in the middle of the screen (shown below) on tinyurl. then click "Make TinyURL!"
And -abracadabra-there you have it!
You should now see a page similar to below.

You will now need to copy the tiny url that is in the mustache looking parenthesis. Make sure you grab the whole thing. And paste it wherever you want it...and it's done!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

If you are really taking social media by the horns and find yourself using tinyurl quite a bit, I would recommend adding tinyurl to your tool bar. They have a wonderful tutorial here. It's a great way to streamline this necessary extra step.


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