Ok great, but what time?

A few weeks ago, we talked about what day is the best day to send out e-news...and some fellow pack members asked the next obvious question....what's for lunch?

That actually was the first question they asked, but it was followed shortly after by, "Ok Alphie that's great and all, but what's the best time to send out e-news?"

Super question!
(A quick-like-one-sentence-recap of what day works best: You have to test different days and figure out what works best for your business depending on who your audience is and what your appeal is trying to accomplish.)

By gosh by golly, that is exactly what you have to do here too! A few industry wide thoughts on this very subject:
1)best time to send is between 11am-noon and right after lunch to 3 pm weekdays.
2)best time to send is between 8-10am and 4-6pm weekdays.

No kidding! Some say one, some say another. Here's what I say:
1)Avoid late in the work day, people trying to clean out their inbox for the day.
2)Avoid early morning. You open your inbox to see plenty of emails. maybe 10? 30? 116? You are buried from the get-go. 
3)And most importantly, what time can you take a minute to read e-news? I made a effort to note this for a couple weeks. It seems like 9:30 - 10:30am I feel like reading my Barkitecture Newsletter. And after lunch, before I get to taking my nap, I go to my friends Daily Dog Blog.
4)If you still just don't know, try a couple different times of day and take note of the activity that follows!
5)Finally, and most importantly, a sent email at any time is better than one never sent at all!

Now, back to the bigger question...what is for lunch?


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