NCOA – My new favorite treats?

I was hanging out in one of the account manager’s offices, and she said something about ‘En-Cee-Oh-Ayh.’ My ears immediately perked up...ooohh! Is that a new, exotic snack for me?!

Well, I found out it actually isn't a new doggie snack from faraway lands. Actually, NCOA processing is something Alpha Dog provides to its clients to make sure they’re compliant with the United States Postal Service regulations.

Did you know that more than 43 million Americans change their address annually? Wow!! Those people who move fill out those change of address forms through the USPS, who compiles them into a big NCOA database (National Change of Address). Neato!

AND as of 2008, if you mail to anyone (whether it’s first class or standard class), you have to make sure your database has their correct information. But wait…how are our clients supposed to do that?!

Have no fear! Every time you mail with Alpha Dog, your data will be checked against the NCOA database, and you’ll receive the updated information so you revise your database. Way cool!

So, even though I didn’t receive a special treat, I DID learn a little something new about the mail works.


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