What’s this Acquisition Thing All About?

Well, hot dog! The Alpha Dog Team is already working on the fall and winter campaigns for their clients! Even though they need year-round support, our clients have found that the holiday season is always a great time to fund raise. But my little doggie ears have picked up a few phone calls from clients, who are asking about their fall acquisition campaigns. Some of them are concerned because these campaigns don’t make as much money as the regular direct mail campaigns. So I did some sniffing around to figure out why acquisition is so darn important.

I found out that each year, the number of donors who give to an organization usually shrinks by 15 to 18 percent. Yowza! These former donors may have moved, passed on or have found another cause to support. No matter WHY they left, those donors need to be replaced, or the organization won’t make as much money the next year.

Because of this, Alpha Dog works with its clients to acquire new donors. The only problem is, acquisition can cost the organization money, which is why some clients want to cut it out of their direct mail programs. But, I learned that acquisition isn’t intended to make a ton of money. Acquisition finds new donors who care about the mission of the organization and can provide support in the future! And, with that 15 to 18 percent of donors who are falling off the database each year, a lot of organizations can’t afford not to acquire new donors.

There’s even more parts to an acquisition campaign (lists, types of acquisition, etc.), but it’s time for me to go outside. The squirrels and birds need me to bark at them. I’ll share more about the types of acquisition later. Enjoy the last days of July, everyone!


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