To Send or Not to Send, That is The Question

When is the best day to send e-news? If you send out any sort of e-news at all, I'm sure you've pondered that very question. We've wondered it, asked it ourselves, have been asked it by you, 'Googled' it too. We, just like everyone sending e-news, want. to. know.

I thought this a pawfect time to share what I found: 
1) Sending on Tuesday and Wednesday allows for the rush of Monday to subside, but still allows for the rest of the week to act on whatever the e-news wants you to.
2) What day do you like to read e-news?
3) Are there holidays or local events that need to be worked around?
4) Friday was also mentioned as the best day because it leads right into the weekend.
5) There were a couple places that mentioned Monday as the "new and hot" day.
6) Another source mentioned Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as the best days.

(You ask) So, Mr. Alphie, what's a girl or guy or dog to do?

One thread wove it's way through all the articles. The best day may be different for everyone. I know, pretty scientific. But to go along with that, who are your readers? Are they college students? Retired folk? Business owners with long hours? Regular 8am-5pm Joes? Or perhaps, you are like most e-news senders...your readers are a little bit of every demographic.

If you have a variety of readers, my best advice is to try different days...and then look at the results.  Your results will tell you when people read your email. If you send it on Tuesday, but most people don't click on it til Wednesday, send it on Wednesday the next time. If most of your readers open your e-news on Tuesdays...send it on Tuesday. If Fridays seem to be the guessed it, send them on Friday.

And, to state the (possibly completely obvious), the e-news you do send will have far better than the one that never gets sent.

Until next time, stay cool out there, it's the me days of summer. (get days..)

P.S. Next time around, my thoughts on what time of day to send e-news.


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