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What’s this Acquisition Thing All About?

Well, hot dog! The Alpha Dog Team is already working on the fall and winter campaigns for their clients! Even though they need year-round support, our clients have found that the holiday season is always a great time to fund raise. But my little doggie ears have picked up a few phone calls from clients, who are asking about their fall acquisition campaigns. Some of them are concerned because these campaigns don’t make as much money as the regular direct mail campaigns. So I did some sniffing around to figure out why acquisition is so darn important.

I found out that each year, the number of donors who give to an organization usually shrinks by 15 to 18 percent. Yowza! These former donors may have moved, passed on or have found another cause to support. No matter WHY they left, those donors need to be replaced, or the organization won’t make as much money the next year.

Because of this, Alpha Dog works with its clients to acquire new donors. The only problem is, acquisition can cost the …

To Send or Not to Send, That is The Question

When is the best day to send e-news? If you send out any sort of e-news at all, I'm sure you've pondered that very question. We've wondered it, asked it ourselves, have been asked it by you, 'Googled' it too. We, just like everyone sending e-news, want. to. know.

I thought this a pawfect time to share what I found: 
1) Sending on Tuesday and Wednesday allows for the rush of Monday to subside, but still allows for the rest of the week to act on whatever the e-news wants you to.
2) What day do you like to read e-news?
3) Are there holidays or local events that need to be worked around?
4) Friday was also mentioned as the best day because it leads right into the weekend.
5) There were a couple places that mentioned Monday as the "new and hot" day.
6) Another source mentioned Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as the best days.

(You ask) So, Mr. Alphie, what's a girl or guy or dog to do?

One thread wove it's way through all the articles. The best day may be dif…

Taking Nashville by Storm

Photo by Alphie Dana (Design and Layout Manager), Mike (CEO), Heather (Account Manager), Jim (President, Alpha Dog Strategies), Laura (Account Manager)
This fine group attended the HSUS Animal Care Expo in Nashville in mid May. Despite some flooding problems in the area leading up to the event, the whole event was a happy success!  And look! behind these fine folks are the new display banners we are using at all our Humane and Foodbank shows...the creative department did a knockout job!

(I wanted to go to the Expo so bad, I jumped in Mike's carry-on at the last second, I'm so quick (some say I have cat-like reflexes), he didn't even see me. Imagine his surprise when he opened his bag to retrieve his granola bar!)
Do you have photos of the Expo? Want to share? Email them to me and I may post them here or on our Facebook page!

Hi, I'm Alphie!

Well, hello there folks! I'm Alphie, official online spokes-dog for Alpha Dog Marketing. I am quite excited to be able to share my own knowledge about the non-profit world...and I will also be sharing tips, "tails" and pointers from around the office and also from others working in the non-profit and social media world. So, come on, let's embark on this journey together!